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Grounded with Dinée Dorame

May 26, 2021

“The Asian American population is severely underrepresented in media. It’s only through well-rounded storytelling that you fight this stereotype…there is such diversity within the community.”

Jinghuan Liu Tervalon is a Chinese American advocate, marathoner, and mother who can often be found speaking on issues of safety on the run, representation, and visibility for Asian American athletes. Jinghuan works in global strategic insights for the Coca Cola Company by day, but is also an active leader in the Oiselle Volée community. She was also recently announced a Brooks Runfulness Project Runner-up, receiving $25,000 from the Brooks “Run Fund” for her project titled, “Asian American Runners: Rise Together.” Jinghuan describes the project as a multi-media book featuring 10-20 in-depth profile stories of Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) runners. Her project proposal states, “through this process, we will not only create more safe space for existing Asian American runners, but will also bring in new runners, who don’t see themselves represented in running media.”


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Music by Jacob Shije (Santa Clara Pueblo, NM).  

This podcast was made possible through the Tracksmith Fellowship Program.